Dr. Daniel J. Lewinshtein

Great urologist Montreal

Dr. Lewinshtein completed his undergraduate studies at McGill University with a bachelor of science in 2000. He subsequently finished medical school at Mcgill University in 2004. He went on to do his residency in urologic surgery from 2004-2009 at the University of Montreal, where he graduated with honors.

He went on to do an SUO (Society of Urologic Oncology) fellowship in oncology and minimally invasive surgery at Virginia Mason Medical Center and the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington. His research focused on long-term patient outcomes after radical prostatectomy, utilisation of cystectomy for bladder cancer, and secondary cancers after radiotherapy for testicular cancer. He gave numerous presentations during that time on urologic oncology and received the merit award at ASCO (american society for clinical oncology) for his work on testicular cancer in 2010.

He worked in urologic surgery and oncologic surgery from 2011-2015 at CSSS St Jerome. He joined joined our group in November 2016. He is presently the chief of the service of urology at Centre Hospitalier Pierre-Bouchier.

His urologic interests include laparoscopic and open surgical treatment kidney cancer, adrenal neoplasms, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer.

When not in the OR, Dr Lewinshtein enjoys alpine skiing and cycling.

Daniel J. Lewinshtein, MD, FRCSC
Urologic, Oncologic and Laparoscopic Surgery